Yoshitomo Nara Gummi Girls!

I have seen Yoshitomo Nara’s works at the Narita Airport, whenever we took our day trips to Japan! I only recently fell in love with the Gummi Girl cases that were released. They are quite pricey online, which made me wish I had looked for them while we were in the Narita Airport?! Ugh! Oh well…

I was however, able to find one thru Yahoo Japan, but, with no gummi candies and got the colored head case I wanted.

This cute red head girl below right! Below left, the box she came in above. She is supposed to come with gummi candies, but none here. I really just wanted her for her cute looking container anyhow! (Please note: your screen is not acting up, my iphoto is acting up as of late. So, coloring is a bit off…)

She is quite large, and flat, and would be great as a candy dish or keeper of sorts. I love the design and wish I collect a few more, if it weren’t for the price! Eek…

I am happy to have the one. She will sit by my bedside to greet me with my other fave things I can easily clean off from dust.

There are a total of 6 head styles! I would love to get the blue haired one, or maybe the brunette?!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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