Re-Stringing My Little Baby Doll & More!

I took Cricket’s advice and checked out Rita’s tutorial on how to re-string a celluloid doll, here!

Just in case you would like to try it out. Her instructions were very easy to follow.

I just had to be brave enough, to cut the original elastic cord. I did, and started to re-string him below.

Tools & material: Scissors, thin wire, one pin, thin elastic cord.


 I could not get some of the old cords out of the limbs. Sadly, all I could do was push it further in, in order for me to make room to put the new cord… (tweezers shown above were not used.) I had some leftover elastic cord from, when I used to own Tiny Secret Fairy abjd’s and Unoa-Lite dolls. Luckily, I kept a roll. I had a thin hook style wire, I made to string my beaded necklaces. It definitely came in handy when I had to feed the elastic cord through, to the other side of the body.


The hardest part was feeding the knotted piece into the tiny holes in the leg and arms. I had to take a break between, because I ended up with a headache. I was trying to be very careful not to make the hole bigger, and sadly, one of the legs started to come apart at the seams… ugh! So, I told myself, “Time for a break!”, and glued the leg. I did use the pin to carefully push the knot through, into the hole of the limb.


One done above, whew! Took a bit of coaxing…

Below, I did the arms first, since the other leg was still setting. Not too bad.


After that, he was done! Now, he sits nicely upright. Such a cutie.

I am very happy he turned out alright. Thanks Cricket and Rita too!


When, I took a break, I drove up to the mail box and look what came in!

I Binned this amazing Tadie Muz booklet through ebay France. The seller had two for sale.

tadbklet1 tadbklet2

 I asked the seller to just send it in an envelope, crazy I know. But, I knew it would get to me faster!


 The booklet is in excellent condition for its age.


I have already scanned it. If anybody is interested in getting a copy? Email me.


Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


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