Lots of Mail Today!!

I left the house thinking I just had to mail a box out… low and behold, I had two pink slips! After dropping Sam to physical therapy, I went to the PO and there were three more boxes given to me, Whoa!

mail11042015a1Mail from Yahoo Japan above, a large box, with a cute tan retro dolly mint in box, a mint in package grocery store shelf with groceries, a “The Little Mermaid” lunch bag, a Lot of retro girlie accessories, and Studio Ghibli Baron and Louise finger puppets.

Below, I found these two cute characters: The Baron and Louise, from “Whisper of the Heart” by Studio Ghibli. These soft vinyl finger puppets will be added to my collection. So cute, I’ve always wanted the statues… maybe someday?

baronnL2 baronnL1

This vintage MIP Modern Toy Grocery set with shelf, is filled with food items and veggies too! I will add this to the shop.


 I also found this amazing NRFP Toei Animation “The Little Mermaid” lunch bag/sack. Made by Swimmer. Very cute and vibrant too. The anime art is not as finely made as the anime, but still with the Prince and Marina, even Fritz on the back side! I will add this to the shop as well.


 The top and back side below.

marinabag4 marinabag3

This cutie MIB Leah Products, Kimi-chan. A cute tan curly blue haired child, answering the phone! I love her unique face and pose. Only her head, and arms move. Adding this gem to the shop too.


 The backside of the box showcases all the other dolls in the series! So many cuties! A few look very familiar too…

tanboymib09 tanboymib07

Wish I could find em’ all! LOL

tanboymib01 tanboymib03

The Lot of Retro Girlie accessories below. Panda collection possibly…


Included stickers, a lipstick, cute large pendant with panda, panda pin, 2 panda booklets, hair clip with apple decor, red dish with retro girl anime, and two picks. I will be keeping the lipstick and stickers, but the rest will be added to my shop.

 Then, in the second box, I found my pre-order from Amiami of Rose of Versailles Metal Charm Collection.


Gorgeous charm pendants you can clip onto a necklace, key chain, bag, etc.


Lovely Lady Oscar below. I will keep a few and add a few to the shop.

rovpendantsset4 rovpendantsset2

Also, these amazing KumuKumu 3D Puzzle Mini’s of “Laputa: Castle in the Sky” Hikouseki, pendant and “My Neighbor Totoro” Donguri, Totoro in an acorn.

sg3Dpuzzles3 sg3Dpuzzles2

I will show more on these two puzzles one later…


Lastly, a box from Korea! My Yvely Shoes for my KukuClara! So many yummy colors, most sold out, but I got two sets that were still available… and they fit Tadie too! Yippee! More on them later as well…


One box of goodies not shown was a commission for my “Finder’s Service”.
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


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