Another Amazing Movie By Studio Ghibli!

I heard about a movie released in Japan, last summer by Studio Ghibli named, “When Marnie Was There“. I knew around, this time this year, the movie would be released to the rest of us here in the USA! So, I waited to hear of its release or see any type of advertisement, but nothing. In fact, I tried checking Walmart when I visited my sister over the summer and nothing…

So, while doing my usual browsing of the web, I typed in the title via Amazon, and there it was apparently, released since May 22, 2015! I immediately, checked pricing via Amazon, ebay, and even Walmart! I found it cheaper thru ebay and got the blu-ray version. It came in the mail last week Friday and we watched it Today!

It was a beautiful, touching, tear jerking, story based on a book by Joan G. Robinson. I don’t want to spoil it, so… if you haven’t seen it ? Get it! If you loved, “Whisper of the Heart”, “Up on Poppy Hill” or “Spirited Away” you will love this movie. Beautifully drawn as always! I give the movie, a Thumbs Up!


Even the end song was beautiful! By Pricilla Ahn, “Fine on the Outside.”

Video Here

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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