Vintage Japan Retro Girl Doll!!

I have been trying to locate one of these dolls for quite sometime now… Finally, she is mine! This type of soft vinyl doll is very hard to find and when she does come up on Yahoo Japan auctions she can cost quite a bit of moolah!

retrogirldollaftera4She is nice and mint and comes with her original straw hat, not shown. Only because I don’t want it to cover her face!

retrogirlaftera1 I washed her hair and took a pic so you can see her oddly shaped arms!!

retrogirlaftera2 She is tan with a long neck, arms and in sitting position. I’ve only seen one similar to this one here on flickr! She is generally dressed in a red satin dress and her hair is longer. So, when I found mine, she was all mint, but with a yellow dress and still had her plastic on her head!

retrogirldollaftera5I took this shot above, with my other unique rubber retro girl doll and two of the tiny cake topper gals I’ve repainted. This is who they are similar too!

retrogirldollaftera6I love her blue eye shadow the most! Reminds me of those wonderful times of the past… ahh, the nostalgia!

retrogicona1Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


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